Explore, inspire and question your plans

Autumn is a great time for making change-forget New Year’s resolutions and make new season plans instead!

But how do we actually make those new ideas come to life? How do we know that the inspired actions and intentions that we make will ultimately create change and how do we make sure that they do?

Daily bursts of journaling or writing will do more than simply sow the seeds of change-a daily writing ritual can keep us focussed, on track and inspired as we move towards new goals. By committing to a daily writing or journaling exercise we set a clear intention and if we do it in the morning, then the effect can be even more empowering as it really sets us up for the day.

A good way to move through any potential challenges or blocks is to ask questions of yourself and write down your answers in your journal. Then ask yourself the same questions in a month, three months, six months and a year and see what has changed.

So what questions should you ask? Here are some to get you started:


How do I feel right now and how does my life make me feel?
What I am actively doing to propel me towards my goal?
Do I really believe that I can do this and that I am worth it?
So far this year what has worked well for me?
What do I need to keep working on?
Would I be happy if my life was exactly the same in six months/this time next year?
What or who do I have in my life right now that isn’t serving me well?

Answer these questions honestly and you will find ways to move even closer to your goals. You may find that some more clearing is needed, that you need to up the frequency of inspired actions and intentions and that it is time to make some considered decisions about what to edit from your life for good.


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