Clear the clutter and value your life


“First say to yourself what would you be….and then do what you have to do.” Epictetus

 A big part of making our life positive and fulfilled comes from what inspires us to make changes in the first place.

Change is fascinating! It happens for many reasons and identifying what prompts us to make those changes is the first step to clearing our lives and making them ready for change. The Write Your Life programme calls this process our Life Audit, but before we even get there we have to look in detail at our life values.

Life values are the foundations that we need in order to shape and build our lives and design them in the way we want to. If they are a bit shaky or cluttered then it will be much harder for us to move on positively and achieve our goals.

A good way to make sure our life values are in good working order and will be able to support our exciting plans is through a daily writing or journaling practice.

In your journal or on a piece of paper, write down three life values. Choose from topics such as; home, family, wealth, health, career, hobbies, friendships, education, spirituality etc

There are many more but start with just three.

For each value that you have chosen, write down HOW things really are in that area of your life. Ask yourself questions such as:

Do I feel supported?

I am really well-both physically and mentally?

Am I stressed about money?

Am I truly happy in my work?

What do I want to/need to learn?

Is my home calm or chaotic?


By examining our life like this we become immediately aware of what is really going on. Writing down how we feel gives our thoughts gravitas, and permanence and tells the world we mean business! Thinking and talking are good, but writing is better-when we write things down we use different physical and cognitive functions that enable us to remember and recall details and these details of our lives will propel us towards changes that we ultimately benefit us.

Examining different parts of our lives in this way is not something we do often enough-it can be scary but it WILL be hugely helpful to be able to identify what needs to change so that when we move to the next stage of our goal setting journey we are ready!