Write, believe, receive!

It is well documented that keeping a journal, diary or taking part in regular creative writing sessions can all help us to unravel our thoughts, give us clarity and help us to achieve short, medium and long-term goals that lead to positive changes in our lives. And yet only three per cent of us actually make time to WRITE down our goals-those of us who do write them down achieve great things and make profound and significant changes to our lives.

All of us have a ‘story’ that we tell ourselves about who we are and what our lives are like. We can convince ourselves of almost anything and we can use our story or our narrative to influence every part of our lives. By shifting or editing our inner story and changing our way of thinking we can create a new narrative and a new story. We don’t have to let our old story dictate the next chapters of our lives, instead we can create a new one that acknowledges past challenges or mistakes, actively allows us to forgive ourselves for anything that is holding us back, edits out any self-limiting beliefs and allows us to make positive change by curating new ideas, plans and goals for the future.

Something astonishing happens when we put pen to paper. It gives our goal setting permanence and tells the world that we mean business. When our goals are there in black and white they are no longer simply dreams or ideas or hopes-they are real and they WILL happen.

Writing lists and keeping journals have never been such popular tools for supporting self-improvement programmes, and there are now many different styles of personal development journals and diaries available-all designed to help us to road map the next stages of our lives while drawing on our creativity.

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The major events that have happened in my life have shaped who I am today and why I decided to train as a life coach.

As a journalist on local newspapers I encountered people at their most vulnerable. Yes, of course I wanted to interview them and write about them, but on some other level I wanted to help them change their lives-I have always been able to see the potential in everyone and I have always been fascinated by people and their stories.

When my own marriage collapsed in 2000 I was left with two very young children and I was devastated. The whole experience left a lot of damage that lasted for a long time including ill health, near financial ruin and lack of confidence and self-esteem. I had no choice but to get on with it-I read my first self-help book about ten years ago and have never looked back. Writing down every day how I felt about my situation and what I wanted to change led naturally to me looking for ways to make those changes and shift my negative and scared mindset towards something that suddenly started to make sense.

The notes that I wrote I the margins of that very first self help book became my first goals and guess what-I have achieved them all!

Journalism gave me an incredible insight into people, the human condition, and how people cope with different situations and stages of their lives, but it was my own personal journey that has given me the insight to use writing as a tool for making significant and lasting change.

So whether you want to change careers, start working for yourself, gain confidence, improve your self-esteem, go back to education or simply have some time to make space in your life for YOU-I can help you get there.

As a professional writer, I have obviously used writing to earn my living for the last 30 years. However, I have also used writing as a tool to design and create the life that I have today-I know this process can work and I would never have even considered sharing this with other people had I not tried it and used it successfully myself.

This personal development process is not based on mysticism, angels, crystals or anything that falls remotely into the ‘woo woo’ category! Although-if all those things work for you then far be it from me to stop you! There is no wizadry or witchcraft, no magic spells or chanting, no naked moongazing, no spells, no potions. Write Your Life is not an easy quick fix-it requires commitment and dedication and for you to make space and time in your life to embrace it and give it the investment it deserves. Trust me it will pay dividends and within the first 7 days you will start to notice changes, shifts and developments that will work as hard as you let them to change your life and help you to realise your ambitions. This is not magic-it is rooted in science and common sense. If you are positive and have the courage to make edits to your life and define your goals as SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) then you will find that the Write Your Life process will work brilliantly. But…you DO have to do the work! In the same way that simply downloading a fitness app will not actually get you any fitter unless you use it every day, the Write Your Life process will not work unless you actually WRITE every day!

If you want to take your journaling and goal setting to the next level then we also have a 30 day course that has been created to do just that. You can find out more here hello@sarahadams.me.uk