Seven tips for journaling success

It is a FACT that only about three per cent of us ever bother to write down our goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations for the future. Those of us who do achieve great things and make sure our plans and goals become realities. Those of us who don’t stay pretty much stuck.

So if the results clearly speak for themselves why are people so resistant to writing and making writing a daily habit that becomes an important part of their regular routine?

Many of the people who have taken part in the Write Your Life programme tell me clearly during their first session that they HATED writing at school, were told they were no good at it and DREADED having to do it.

Slightly obsessed with my Best Self Journal!

However, as a journalist and lecturer I have taught many people to write who had exactly this attitude and exactly those negative writing blocks. Once they realised I was not going to judge their work and that they could write about pretty much anything they wanted to, they embraced it. In fact they enjoyed it so much and felt so good about doing it that it had a profound effect on their lives-and Write Your Life was born!

So-if you KNOW in your heart that writing is a great way to set goals, make plans and achieve great things, but you are struggling to get off the starting blocks-here are seven ways to get started. Read to the end as there is a link to email me for a journalling cheat sheet to really get the writing juices flowing!

  1. A CLEAN SHEET…Treat yourself to a beautiful new journal or notebook and set of stationery. Keep your kit just for journalling (no shopping lists!)
  2. PEACE AND QUIET…are essential so find some space where you feel calm and relaxed so you can focus on your writing and nothing else.
  3. BE INSPIRED…by your surroundings.
  4. FIND YOUR WRITING RHYTHM…Schedule a time EACH day JUST for writing-start with ten minutes and increase the time you spend each day until you are into a regular writing rhythm.
  5. OPEN YOUR MIND…Write whatever comes into your head-just let the magic happen between your mind, the pen and the paper.
  6. SET SOME GOALS…This is your time to think about what you really want to do next. Write it down!
  7. YOUR FUTURE SELF…Spend time describing what your want your future life and self to look like-add loads of details!

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