How to work from home – set some goals!

I LOVE setting goals and do it all the time now but that wasn’t always the case! In fact my previous work from home life was so chaotic and badly organised it is a miracle that I actually ever got anything done at all!

In this blog post we will look at how you can avoid ALL the mistakes I made when I was a mere work at home amateur (!!) and have consistently productive days that lead you to achieving some seriously ambitious and brilliant goals. (as opposed to ending up swimming in paperwork, stressed out and in a constant blur of non-achievement!)

Here are seven ways that setting goals can really help your work from home lifestyle become a huge success:

  1. Declutter any self limiting beliefs that you have around whether or not working from home is going to work for you. If YOU don’t believe it will work then nobody else will including prospective clients. Be authentic but most of all be human!
  2. Set goals for the amount of hours/days you plan to work from home each week and put them into your calendar as Work from Home segments. Makes these working times non-negotiable and set them as short term goals that are easily achievable.
  3. Then decide what you will do during each of your work from home time segments and set specific goals. You need to look at things like admin/accounts/PR and marketing/Social media updates/scheduling blog posts/taking part in online courses/CPD, networking,  and so on as well as actually DOING the work!
  4. Set some medium term goals around getting new clients/business on board and then mind map how you will achieve that.FullSizeRender (8)
  5. Set goals around what YOU want your working life to look like from now on. If you want to take a yoga class twice a week then set that as a goal. If you want to be able to do the school run every day and spend time with a friend on Friday lunchtime then set that as a goal.
  6. If you plan to move out of the broom cupboard and into an artisan Shepherd’s Hut then make that a long term goal and start making a plan for how you will achieve it.
  7. Set some goals around income. It is perfectly OK to enjoy your job AND make money doing it so adjust your mindset and set some positive goals around how much money you would like to make in the next 12 months.

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