How to make space to work from home

WE have all heard tales of people who work from home, and personally I have also lost count of the number of cards, memes, text messages and comments that I continue to receive that suggest I spend all day in PJs watching TV!

NOT TRUE! (but don’t stop sending me stuff-I LOVE it)

People who work from home (whether all the time or some of the time like my lovely friend Shaz who has adopted the perfect work/life balance) work harder! And generally this is because we tend to be happier more balanced people who have made a conscious lifestyle choice to adopt the work from home culture.

Many of us are ‘slashies’ or people who have multiple income streams like me: journalist/author/blogger/coach etc, others have one business model and some have used their genius to negotiate flexi working with their boss. However you come to end up working from home one thing remains the same for all of us-we need SPACE to do it properly.


So here are seven things to think about when you are setting up your work from home space:


  1. Can you realistically work from home right now? Is there a spare room, a garden shed, a shepherd’s hut or a log cabin that you can either squat in, move into, buy or acquire so that you can create a dedicated work from home space?
  2. If you are going to commandeer a space in your home where will that be? Is the kitchen table an option or have you got a little nook under your stairs that you can occupy (that’s how I started out-first a bedroom then the space under the stairs which is now a shower room…it was YEARS before I moved into my dream garden studio but heck…we all have to start somewhere!)
  3. If you have allocated your space, spend a day decluttering, cleaning and clearing an getting organised.
  4. Keep it real…can you seriously guarantee that you have enough space and peace and quiet to be able to work effectively? Are there going to be optimum times when the house is empty? If this is the case then keep your work equipment to a minimum and set up shop at the kitchen table to start with. Set your schedule to always coincide with the quiet times. Don’t do what I did and try and work when your house is busy…(see comment below about Gin…!)
  5. Consider  buying a hideaway office cupboard like this one from IKEA great for storage and it looks pretty stylish too-just don’t junk it up with bottles of Gin or takeaway menus…fullsizeoutput_1ab6
  6. Make a list of all the things you will need to buy-set a budget and start researching
  7. Consider signing up for our online course-Working from Home and make the first investment in your new work from home life!

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