How to work from home…living the dream!

It is estimated that in ten years time, at least one third of us will be working from home. There is no doubt that being able to earn a living working from home with just a ten second commute to our home office is always going to be preferable to struggling through traffic, dealing with public transport delays and arriving at work stressed out and demotivated. And in any case-research continues to show that those of use who work from home are a whole lot more productive and offer much better value for money!

But how easy is it to work from home and is it for everyone?

As someone who has spent most of their career working at home at one point or another over the last 30 years,  I can say it is the very best way for me to work although I also know it does not suit everyone and many of my friends do question how I can make a (very good) living without being distracted by the TV or the fridge or the housework (crazy people!)

I know that the following are some of the reasons why it works for me:

  • I was a single parent for years and it gave me flexibility
  • I  work when I want to and set my own hours and manage my own diary
  • I have a portfolio career-I am a journalist, blogger, author, media consultant, lecturer, digital content creator and a life coach. I combine all of my skills to create a lucrative work from home income.
  • I work from a beautiful studio in my garden
  • I love my job but I also love being at home with my family
  • I have recognised the need to outsource some functions that my business needs and that are too expensive for me to do myself. I would much rather pay to employ a graphic designer than to have to struggle with InDesign for days to create something!

So, as I am a great believer is sharing my knowledge and experience, and following comments from people who want to embrace on the work from home dream but don’t really know where to start, here are seven ways to start make working from home, work for you:

  1. Decide WHY you want to work from home. What’s the REAL reason behind this decision. What’s your motivation? If you are hoping for a life wearing PJs and having coffees with friends then that’s great but you might want to think about creating a passive income stream first!
  2. Decide if you plan to telecommute for your existing boss or start working for yourself and then decide WHAT you will/can do to earn a living. What skills have you got? What’s your passion? Do people want what you can offer? How do you know?
  3. Look at your space-have you got room for an office? WHERE will you work? You WILL need a defined work space. The bed and the sofa are popular but they will not help you with focus or motivation! Using local coffee shops is fine and a popular option for many newbie homeworkers as well as being good for tackling isolation, but you will need to find a proper space in your home for this to work properly.
  4. Declutter! Seriously! Get rid of the crap and make space for the new YOU! This means emotionally and physically. A clear desk and a clear mind will give you a clear plan!
  5. Look at your schedule and make a plan for WHEN you will start to work from home. if you are going to do this then let’s darn well do it! Grab that diary and get on it!
  6. Look at your finances-does it all add up? We all have to pay the bills-be sensible. Financial induced stress needs to be avoided.
  7. Set some short, medium and long term goals for WHAT you want working from home to give you. set SMART goals, doing the SWOT test and take it from there.

Feeling inspired?

GOOD! I now offer 1-1 coaching packages for anyone who is thinking of working from home and an e book and online course will be available soon.

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