Ambitious and Unstoppable…

I have a big problem with shoes-I make no secret of it and my youngest son has a similar problem too. I try very hard to resist but when I spotted these on the feet of a very gorgeous friend the other day I caved and so my ‘new school shoes’ for the autumn term had to be purchased.

The laces say it all AMBITIOUS AND UNSTOPPABLE and are the perfect positive accessory for someone who spends most of their week now giving clients personal development coaching…I am now waiting for a t-shirt to match.

One of the things that I encourage clients to do when they start working with me is to use positive affirmations, reminders or prompts to punctuate their day and remind them of the goals they are working towards.

positive shoes

These can be post it notes strategically placed, notes in a diary, journal or notebook, electronic notes and reminders on their phones or simply by taking time each day to say these affirmations out loud.

I know this can feel a bit awkward at first but you don’t need to do it in public! So my message today (apart from buy some new shoes!) is to spend time setting up some positive reminders that actively promote a positive mindset and help attract the right people, things and actions into your life that will help move you even further towards your goals.

Stay positive…as well as ambitious and unstoppable obviously!