Write YOUR Life – life coaching with attitude!

Write YOUR Life is a creative clearing and planning programme that helps you to set achievable and realistic goals that will give you a purposeful, fulfilled, happy and positive life.

In just four high energy and dynamic sessions, you will learn how to…

Declutter-your life, mind, soul and spirit!
Decide on new goals and define them-no point in messing about with this stuff-far better just to crack on with it!
Take positive and inspired action-this is down to YOU and YOUR new positive attitude
Receive and fine tune the changes that will happen in your life


It takes 28 days to adopt a new habit and the BIG changes that you see will be down to YOU and your willpower and commitment! My role in all of this is to kick you up the arse (I mean that with LOVE and COMPASSION obviously!)and give you all the tools and strategies you need to make significant changes.

Living the dream

So…stop moaning, stop whining, stop procrastinating and START making some BIG changes so that you can truly LIVE THE DREAM!

Oh and by the way I have a 100 percent success rate…and I ONLY work with people who I know are committed to making changes…no excuses and no pressure!

Contact me hello@sarahadams.me.uk and book your place.